Sunday, February 5, 2012

You're My Light

You are the one that help me,

Save me from this darkness,

My pain and heartaches,

Disappears when I see you!

You are so special,

You are my Prince,

My Romeo.

I just know you'll take me somewhere,

I know you'll save me!

From this darkness,

I'm losing hope,

But you are my light,

You continuously give me hope,

In this darkness!

This depths of despair is lonely,

This place is preventing me to escape,

But with you,

I know I can,

I just know I can


Escape from this world!

You'll continuously bring hope to me,

You're my light,

My light of hope.

I lost my smile,

But you brought it back to me!

I'll continuously love you,

I want you to know

That you are my Prince,

My Romeo,

and my Special One!

Oh... Yes you are!

You're my light,

My light of hope,

Oh... Yes you are!

Please baby,

Don't leave my side,

Stay with me,

Always keep me safe,

I can only feel safe in your arms!

So please stay,

Stay with me!

Please remember,

You're my Prince,

My Romeo,

My light of hope,

My Special One,

and My beloved one.

Oh, Yes you are!

So stay...

Oh Baby, stay...

Right now I am just getting some of my works from my Account. I already reached the limit of my Account since I only have the free membership so I can only post ten works... So sad! Oh well, I always have my blogs (as long as the blog paltform does not shut the blogs down like what happen with my Account). *Laughs*

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