Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lip Smacker Cookies 'N Cream Review

Okay... I admit that I have been busy lately. I just finish my on-job-training and I am currently enjoying my very short vacation. Not really! I have to read two books for my thesis since I am going to start my thesis next term so good luck to me. Anyways, I am going to do Beauty or Make-Up posts to compensate for my lack of Fashion posts because with Make-Up posts I can easily insert it in my tight schedule. Besides, I have been obsessed with make-up products lately due to my face becoming oily lately. I am also currently obsessed/crazy for lipstick specifically matte or semi-matte or creamy matte lipsticks because it piqued my interest but I am in love with other kinds of lipsticks too.

That was a very long introduction. Sorry for being a chatterbox! I am now going to talk to you about Lip Smacker in Cookies 'N Cream. I have heard of Lip Smacker before but I never managed to try it since it is not that much available here in the Philippines. My sister and I managed to get two sets of Lip Smacker when we went to a department store... Either SM Department Store or Robinson's Department Store. Sorry, I cannot really remember the department store but I know it is either of those two.

Anyways, this is how it looks like:

When you first open it, you will not see the whole in the middle. I have been using this for a while now so I reached the middle of the lip balm.

I have been using this for a while now so I am pretty sure it is a little bit more longer than this...

What is my verdict?

I will be repurchasing Lip Smackers again (if I find one and after my sister and I consumed the two sets of Lip Smackers) for the following reasons:

1. It treats my chapped lips.
2. After using this, my lips feels so smooth, hydrated, and moisturized.
3. It is very creamy. (Disadvantage: It tends to feel heavy on the lips especially if you use it as a base and top it off with a lipstick that also happens to be creamy... However, that might be just me because I am very aware of it when I apply it on my lips especially if I applied two coats since I can really feel that there is something on my lips.)
4. It has this glossy finish.
5. It does not necessarily have a bad smell but this can vary on personal taste since the reason my sister told me to use this is because she did not like the smell.
6. For me, it smells like Cookies 'N Cream. (I am just reiterating #5)