Sunday, February 5, 2012

Your Love

Your love is sweet, and warm,
your love is wonderful to feel,
when you hug me I feel like floating in the sky,
when you kiss me I can see the flowers are blooming,
and the fireworks are really sparkling really bright into the sky,
when I see you smiling at me I can not control my feelings for you,
I will keep on telling you I love you!
Until the day we need to break up for a reason we cannot explain,
but I want you to know that I love you so much,
and you are my first and true love,
and even though I found another guy
I will still love you cause you are my true love,
and that will never change,
and you were the one who taught me to love so I thank you for that,
now I know how to love and it's all because of you.

You should know my love is all yours,
I'll never gonna love the same way to another guy.

I once wish to have your love but I guess I can't have it, 
and that's how it's gonna be, 
and the truth is your love will never be mine... 
I just need to accept that decision of yours.
if you love her so much and as long as you are happy,
I am happy too.

Your love makes me feel happy,
it also makes me feel comfortable,
I will keep on saying to you that I love you!
I love you so much! Baby!
Can't you see when you smile at me
I cannot control my feelings towards you,
when you kiss me I see the flowers blooming,
and the fireworks are shinning really bright in the sky,
I can see the moonlight shinning on us so brightly
while we walk holding hands beneath it,
I feel so warm when you hug me,
I also feel that I am safe in your arms,
but all this things will be a fantasy and will remain a fantasy,
if your not here to spend the time with me.

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