Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nivea Pinkish Boost 3-in-1 Review

Okay! I am so delayed in my posts... I mean that seriously! I told you guys that I have a lot of outfit photos to post yet it is still in my laptop and for that I am really sorry! Ever since the new term started, I have been stressed even though I have only one major well technically two cause the other one is my practicum. I am finally doing my internship. Anyways, going back to what I am saying I am really sorry for not yet posting the outfit photos. For now, I can only do reviews since I also have yet to take more outfit photos. If you have not noticed, I do not have anyone to really take my photos thus I take photos of my reflections. *Sad*

I know there are tons of Nivea Pinkish Boost reviews out there and many of you have been using this product but I have been meaning to do a review on this product and I have practically used this product for more than 5 years now. I have also consumed a lot of Nivea Pinkish Boost tubes already and repurchased this over and over again so... Here is my completely honest review about this product:

(Photo Credit: Nivea Website)

I am pretty sure a lot of you has seen this tube and know that it is not that big but it is worth the money for me because I have hyperpigmented lips:

My lips in a semi-dark lighting

My lips in a semi-dark lighting

My lips under natural light

My lips under natural light

As you can see that my lips are hyperpigmented around the sides but trust me it used to be worst than what you can see now... I did use something else to help lighten it but I believe Nivea Pinkish Boost also helped in making my lips' hyperpigmentation lighten cause I used it along the other product which I am sort of thinking of doing a review on but I'm still thinking about it cause I do think it is no longer being sold (still, if you want to know the product then tell me in the comments so I will do a review on it). *Sad* If I knew that product will disappear, I would have bought more. Anyways, going back to Nivea Pinkish Boost.

In the cardboard packaging, it says:
1. Restores your natural pinkish lips colour.
2. Reduces dullness of your lips.3. [It contains] SPF 15 protects the lips from further darkening.

When you open the cap, it looks like this:

I like it because it looks like a lipstick but it is plastic which makes it all the more easier to apply.

The shade or color is like this:

It is very pink but when you spread it on your lips it is not that pink.

The texture is very creamy and I just love how it moisturizes by dry lips... I always bring this with me. No joke! I cannot leave home with this. I just super love it which reminds me that I must restock this soon! I am only left with two more tube of Pinkish Boost (not counting the one you can see on the picture).

This is perfect for everyday use and for students like me cause it is not that bright to the point that people get distracted by it. Also, it looks very natural on the lips... I think it cost around 100 something pesos (Sorry! I forgot the actual price so I may be wrong about the 100+ price range but you can buy this in any drugstores, Watsons, Department Stores such as SM and Robinsons, and Personal Care Exchange located at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell).

One thing I learned about myself is I am a lip person. I do not really use make-ups as much as other women cause my mom does not really allow us to use make-ups and I just got used to it even though I am already at my 4th year in a University. Also, the reason why I do not really use make-up aside from the provided reason is that I have a acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin. My skin reacts quickly to make-ups that it does not like. However, one thing my mother did not deny is lip products growing up. Besides, I do have to thank my mom because my skin is not that damage due to make-up products because using make-up products at a young age may cause damage to your skin as a lot of my high school teachers explained. Thus, I am more of a lip person. Lip products are always first on my list. Second is eyebrow products and third is face powder (I recently got oily face probably due to the humid, hot weather of the Philippines so any recommendations for face powder suitable for Acne-prone, Oily and Sensitive skin like mine?).

Once again, back to Nivea Pinkish Boost...

I just super love what it does to my lips and I do believe that it helps treat the hyperpigmentation of my lips. I will continuously repurchased this. By the way, did I mention that I have been buying and using this product way before the current packaging? The design of the tube that you see in the photos was not the original packaging or design because before the design is really different but the tube is the same.

Conclusion, Nivea is my trusted product.

I almost forgot this has a scent that I cannot describe but trust me it is not pungent or smelly. It smells pleasant to me meaning it is not overpowering or something like that.

P.S. I did a review of Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine before.

Note: Everything here is my opinion and this might not apply for you. The results might not also be applicable to you in other words, RESULTS MAY VARY!