Thursday, July 19, 2012

Smart: Dr. Scholl's Blister Defense

I am here to talk about a product that I had for some time now. It is very amazing and I really think that this is a smart investment for people who get blisters on their feet every time they wear shoes (new or old) because I have worn my corporate shoes many times now but I still get blisters.

Anyways, the product is Dr. Scholl's BlisterDefense Anti-Friction Stick.

I am so sorry for the photo being blurry... I took it using my iPod Touch for my Instagram and the room was dark. Not to mention, it was early in the morning and I am so sleepy because I have been sleeping really late due to so many books and papers to do at the same time and waking up so early in the morning. My hand was most likely swinging at that time since I have been feeling a little dizzy due to lack of sleep. *Laughs* Oh, the sacrifices I make for Literature. (By the way, follow me on Instagram @xoxosharm24. If you do not have Instagram, then make one because it is a lot of fun to take photos and share them. However, if you do not want to make an Instagram account then you can view my Instagram photos through Webstagram, Sharm's Webstagram.)

Anyways, here is a better photo.

I bring this with me whenever I will be wearing a new pair of shoes or my shoes that had caused me blisters before. It is so easy to use. All you have to do is glide it on the area where you think you will get blisters or feel like your skin is rubbing against your shoes (usually on the back of the heel and side of the foot). It is a very convenient to bring along with you because it is travel size. It is a non-messy application and invisible. It really helps in preventing blisters.

There was this one time where it failed me but then again I did not use it before hand. *Laughs* That was really my bad! The reason I bring it with me because I glide it as often as needed like when I start to feel like my skin is starting to rub against the shoes. The area that I applied it to feels smoother so I guess that is how it is preventing my skin from rubbing against my shoes. It is an invisible protection between my shoe and my feet! *Happy*

You can see more details about it here. >>>> Dr. Scholl's BlisterDefense Anti-Friction Stick

I advice you to also check the website and other products because the website offers consultations regarding the products to help you with certain body problems such as Blisters, Foot Odor, and other Foot conditions. It also has products for Lower Body Pain and Skin Conditions. The website explains the different conditions or problems you are facing regarding your feet, skin and lower body. It also gives information about how you can know if you have it, what causes it and how you can prevent it so check the website (Dr. Scholl's Website).

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P.P.S. The second photo of the product is a print screen from the website. *Cheers*
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Monday, July 9, 2012

3.V.0.7 Fall In Love Chocolate Necklace

Okay, I found a new necklace that I totally fell in love with and here it is...

Isn't it gorgeous? I know I really want to have one of this... If only I have money! Oh money problems! One problems of being a Literature Major student. *Laughs* Do not get me wrong. I love my course but money is really a problem. However, most or all of us have money problems. *Sigh* Anyways, back to the necklace created by none other than VanNess Wu. He really is a very talented man. Just saying.

Look at the inside of the heart... Amazing! Completely in awe at the moment. I cannot stop looking at this picture. I heart it so much! I found this on an online shop called "Ohh my Style" which features a lot of products from adults to kids and from women to men so I really think you will enjoy shopping in this site.

This is how the site looks like.

I am not sure exactly what it is called or named since the name is somehow long... Google Chrome translated it from Chinese to English so the necklace is called "Fall in Love with Chocolate (O. Love) [Beloved Full] Necklace". I think the real name is "O. Love" though I am not that sure...

This site and VanNess Wu was featured in my blog before and the post is entitled as "VanNess Wu's 3.V.0.7 Jewelry".

I shall now give you a brief information on VanNess Wu. He used to be a part of this Taiwanese boy band called "F4" that was later changed into "JVKV" based on the initials of the band members namely Jerry Yan, VanNess Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Chou. Each member had started to do solo projects after F4 and now we see VanNess Wu as a singer, actor, dancer, model and so much more. Now, we can add designer. I suggest you check out his designs both on Ohh my Style and Carte Blanche X. I also suggest that you check out the other products being sold in both sites.

NOTE: Pictures are not owned by me but by the said site and the designer. Information is gotten from Wikipedia through Google Search. I know Wikipedia is not very reliable but I know VanNess Wu has edited the Wikipedia page about himself because he found a wrong information about him. I remember he was asking people on his Twitter before how to edit it.
I just want to share this two music videos of VanNess Wu that I am totally in love with and having a last song syndrome... It is really stuck in my head!

VanNess Wu and Junho - Bu Bai

VanNess Wu Ft. Ryan Tedder - Is This All

吳建豪是很英俊! (I apologize if grammar is not good. Ever since I graduated from high school which was March of 2010, I have not practice my Chinese, namely Mandarin, as much as I want to. *Laughs*)

Anyways, I have been thinking about posting about my night regimen just to balance out a previous post entitled "My Morning Regimen Must" so I guess I will be posting about it soon when I get the time... I am really busy lately with my studies. *Sigh* Oh well! That is university life for you.

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