Sunday, February 19, 2012


Our love is like a blooming rose!
It started from a little seed,
But we are growing day by day.
Walking under thy calm night sky,
Hand in hand under thy moonlight.
Although we feel thy cold, spring breeze,
Thou art will not let go of me!
All I can hear is thee silence,
Thy people are going to sleep.
Won’t thou stay with me for tonight?
When thou wrap thy arms around me,
I smell thy sweet scent of roses…
Thou lips is like a rose petal,
Reddish and smooth with every move!
Thou love is warm like thy sunshine,
And I’m loving thee more and more.
Thou is my precious, loving rose,
That started from a tiny seed…
As time pass, thou became a rosebud,
Until thou is my precious rose!

I finally found the poem I made when I was in high school. Thank God! <3
Copyright belongs to me (Sharm Ching)!

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