Thursday, February 9, 2012

Am I Falling For You

Something is on my mind,
It's been on my mind for awhile now!
I'm not sure about my feelings,
I don't know what to think of you!
You're my friend,
One of my best friends too,
But I feel that I'm very drawn to you,
My other friends ask me:"Are you sure that you're just friends?"
I always answer the same:"Yes,
We don't look at each other as more than friends."
I ask myself:"Am I falling for you?"
I really wonder about it...
I really want to know the answer,
This question just keeps on spinning in my head,
Can anyone answer this question of mine?
I'm desperate to know the truth,
If I'm really in love with you,
Once again I ask myself:"Am I really falling for you?"

I remember I made this when I was in high school... *Sigh!* I miss high school life. Everything was so fun and amazing, but university life is also amazing, maybe a lot more, since I do have a lot of awesome friends comparing to when I was in high school and I am experiencing a lot. I guess the best way to say it is that in high school stress is not this bad! I seriously think Majoring in Literature is making me live an unhealthy lifestyle like skipping meals, barely sleeping, stress and such. Oh my! Enough complaining! Challenge accepted! Literature, I will take you on...
Just like "Barney Stinson" from How I Met Your Mother who hardly gives up and always seems to be accepting challenges... I will take on Literature with utmost determination, perseverance, focus (well, I need to work on this more), and diligence. I will never give up. If the unhealthy lifestyle is part of it, I shall and will endure it! I am willing to sweat and bleed (hopefully, it does not have to get to the bleeding part). *Laughs*

NOTE: I do not own the photos... I found them through Google Image Search.

Peace and Love.

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