Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple + Green

This is one of my usual outfit when I go to university...

Top: ??; Jeans: ??
The reason why I do not know where my clothes are from is because we buy them from a small store that sells clothes from China and mostly Korea for an acceptable price meaning not too expensive and not too cheap. To be honest, there is a "Made in Korea" writing on my jeans. I really do not mind whether it is from Korea or China because it is very comfortable and light. The price is not bad either. I will always prioritize quality over anything else since I do have very sensitive skin. The quality of my outfit here is pretty good.

I like to wear loose tops and jeans when I go to my classes because I am so stress out already and wearing a loose top makes me feel calmer. I do not really mind if I wear my clothes over and over again because I actually run-out of clothes to wear after my first year of stay in the university. It is not like I do not have enough clothes rather I need to comply to the dress code of my university. Another reason why I keep on wearing the same thing is that I do not prepare them in the evening because I depend on my mood for my outfit. When I wake up in the morning, my mood is not the same with my mood last night so I always end up returning the clothes (mostly the top, not the jeans) that I have brought out last night and just ended up grabbing a new top then wear it.

Yes, this is how I pick out my clothes. I based them on my mood and whatever I can grab. I do not have that much time to think in the morning what I want to wear because I am still sleepy and too lazy to think about it. When it is a weekday, meaning I have to go to university and attend classes, my mindset is simple: "As long as I look put together and descent on the outside, that is enough for me." I hide my stress inside. If you ask my friends, no matter how many times I say I am stress I never look like I am. *Laughs* This will be a useful trick for me in the future.

By the way, there is a design on the right back pocket of my jeans:

Is the design cute? I must apologize for the lacking stick-on shiny thing... The jeans are so worn out already! Every time it gets wash, the stick-on shiny thing falls out. *Laughs*

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Leopard or Cheetah Roar

This has been in my computer for a while now... If you are following me on Instagram, you would most likely know this outfit. *Laughs*

Dress: Babydoll

I am so sorry for my mistake... I did my research once again between Leopard and Cheetah print. I think this is a Leopard inspired print but at the same time there are some spots that looks like a Cheetah inspired. I am now very confuse! *Laughs*

This is a very nice dress. I always fear wearing printed clothes because I am the type of person to always like classy, simple pieces. My mother is actually the one who chose it and told me to wear it... Mother does know best!

It is nice to wear a dress to go to the mall. It makes shopping a whole lot easier most especially if you need to try-on some clothes. *Laughs* It also makes me feel comfortable and somewhat relax. Like I said before, I always wear a night dress or a top and a skirt when I am at home so wearing this to the mall makes me feel calm and stress-free.

Among the three photos, this is the only one that I did not use the Instagram filters or the brightness... I took this at a store named Muji (Rockwell Branch). Muji is a very neat store because it pretty much has everything such as Foods, Drinks, Furniture (table, chairs, etc.), Office/Academic Supplies (notebook, pens, etc.), Bags, Shoes, Clothes and many more... You can surely buy a lot there!

To know more about Muji, go here: Muji's Global Site.

Bag: Mendoza; Watch: Citizen; Shoes: Cerutti

This photo was taken at Zara's (Rockwell Branch) Fitting Room. I was waiting for my sister and since I had nothing to do I took a photo of myself...

Keeping this post short because I am experiencing problems with my net connection and I am very nervous and anxious because today is the day where I will see my final grades for all of my classes this term. May God bless me that I may pass all of my classes!

On a totally unrelated topic from this post, I have mentioned to you before that I plan to change my banner and I will as soon as my friend finish making my banner.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Light, Lace, Maxi Dress

Last Sunday (September 2, 2012) I went to the mall along with my family... I decided to wear my first ever maxi dress that my mom bought for me from Mark & Spencer.

By the way, the photos below are taken at home... *Laughs*

I apologize for the photo above because I just crawled out of bed and was in a hurry to get dress... *Laughs* My hair is not even fix yet. *Sigh*

I am not sure what I was doing here please forgive my oddness... *Laughs*

I really regret not wearing a belt to accentuate my waist but it was very hot and humid that day and I was to lazy to get my belt and felt like leaving it hanging loose. *Sigh* The good thing about this is I was able to hide my fats... If you are self-conscious like me, then wear loose clothes so that your fats will be hidden. There's a trick I learn from a friend but make sure it is not too loose.

Another reason why I did not wear a belt is because of the design under the bust... If you look closely there seems to be a garter under the bust to make it tight around that area so I could not decide whether to put the belt on my waist or under my bust. *Laughs* So many decisions. Oh well! I can experiment where to put the belt next time when I wear this dress again.

These are the photos taken at the mall:

Bag: Maiden Form; Dress: Mark & Spencer; Shoes: Aerosoles; Bracelet/Bangle: Celine; Watch: Citizen

The bag, bracelet/bangle and watch have been featured on my blog before (here). It really is my go-to accessories... I really love them!

The shoes I'm wearing here is very worn-out since I been wearing them practically every single Sunday when we go to the mall or pretty much anywhere. It is so comfy, easy to wear and remove, and useful. You cannot see it well in the photo but the shoes is colored gold and silver so it is very useful in the sense that you can pretty much match it to everything. The down side is the suede material of the insole or inner sole of the shoes because if you wear it for an entire day it turns black. Aerosoles is very sturdy though. I think it has been with me for more than two years now.

Anyways, there are details on the bottom of the dress that looks like leaves... I think.

The cut of the dress is actually uneven so it is really awesome. Short on the front, long at the back.

The lower part of the dress has the design and uneven cut but check out the upper back of the dress:

Front view

Back view
How awesome is this... You surely will not feel that hot anymore which is very perfect for the weather than day. Sleeveless and lace upper back.

The color is very nice too. The light tie dye is very interesting and fun...

I really like this dress a lot! I should buy more maxi dresses. *Just a thought*

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Shoes on My Instagram

I have lots of shoes and here are some of the shoes I have posted on my Instagram...

My Skechers (missing one):

I love Skechers very much... My reason is simple. It last long with me. I have one more pair of Skechers shoes, not featured on my Instagram, that have been with me since I was in grade 5. Talk about memories. It still fits quite nicely. I still wear it when I do my work-outs. The memories I have with that one pair of shoes.

If you want long lasting shoes that you can trust, I suggest you buy a pair of Skechers. The last pair of Skechers shoes has also been with me for a long time now. I always wear this when I travel... This shoes has been to China, Taiwan, United States of America, and many more places. I will be wearing it again this December if my family ever decides where we would go. Our choices are Malaysia and Hong Kong. Where to go on December, Malaysia or Hong Kong? Any suggestions? Tell me on the comments. Just pick one please...

Some of my Crocs:

Two of them are color violet. Is it too obvious that I love the color of the violet? *Laughs*

For the record this are not all of my Crocs, I still have probably two more pairs of Crocs. I only wear my Crocs during rainy days especially when I have classes because as everyone would probably know by now is that the Philippines experiences the worst floods ever. The area where my university is located gets flooded a lot when there's typhoons or if it is raining cats and dogs... Regardless of which, I love my university!

Crocs are actually very comfy but sadly I need to stop buying shoes made from the materials used in most Crocs shoes. Crocs are made out of "closed-cell resin" so it makes our feet sweat if we do not wear socks. Also, if you are living or staying or going to a hot place not a best idea since like I said before it can make your feet sweat if you do not wear socks. If your feet does not sweat when you wear these kind of shoes, be grateful because you are free from the possibility of getting a Fungi. This shoes is mainly good for rainy days for me... They still look nice and fashionable though.

The material used for Crocs is found here:

Crocs, Inc. Crocs: Investors Overview. 2010. Web. 5 September 2012. <http://investors.crocs.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=193409&p=irol-irhome>.

^^^^Always site your sources (the Literature Major side of me) or at least mentioned where you got a certain information or picture.

My shoes from Taiwan (there's a lot but so far I have only taken a picture of two pairs... I should wear the other shoes I bought from Taiwan some more):

Shoes: Aso

Shoes: Elite Model Management Shoes

The reason why I love buying shoes from Taiwan: They are cheap and comfortable! It does not hurt your feet at all. *Happy Girl* Whenever I go to Taiwan, I make sure to buy at least one pair of shoes though that will be hard since usually we go there during December so they have promos like "Buy 1 Take 1" or "Buy 1, Get 50% Off the second pair". So awesome! I miss Taiwan!

My Staccato shoes:

Love my Staccato shoes! There really amazing! Perfect heels for me...

My Other shoes:

Shoes: Cerutti

Shoes: Le Donne
This is a good formal shoes.

Shoes: Zara
This is simply Hot and Awesome. It's wedge so no need to worry about tripping... *Laughs*

Shoes: Swims
Good to wear for rainy days... The neon pink also adds to the cuteness. At least when you go out at night and wear this, you can somewhat be spotted. It is really neon bright!

Shoes: Melissa

Shoes: CMG-Matthews
It's foldable flats. Easy to bring anywhere you... It's super comfy!

Shoes: Naturalizer

Slipper: ??? Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
I think we bought the slipper from Taiwan... Wow! I cannot believe I forgot where we bought this. *Laughs*

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