Monday, March 19, 2012

Haruki Murakami's 1Q84

(<<<<< Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 50 second book trailer)

I have been hearing about Haruki Murakami from my friends a lot lately so I now believe he is an amazing writer. I have seen his books before but due to lack of money and such I could not buy it. However, I am a Literature major now and I can have an excuse to my parents to buy me the book so they did even though it is expensive. *Laughs*

I plan to read this book during my summer break that is if I do get a summer break where I actually do not have assignments for the next term.

(<<<<< Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 1 minute book trailer)

Anyways after hearing his name a lot, I have decided to get a copy of his works and read them but right now, I only have one book in my bookshelf under his name. I am hopeful to get a chance to read this book and be interested in it. I will wait until I earn money to buy more books of writers including him.

I plan to buy all his books if that will be possible... I want my personal library to expand in terms of meeting new writers, getting to know new writing styles and forms, and knowing both local and foreign works. I want my personal library to have more than the Western texts not that Western text are bad but I feel that in order for me to really call myself a Literature Major, I must expose myself to all kinds of Literature as much as possible. After all how can I call myself a Literature Major if I limit the world of Literature... I think that it is unforgivable if I limit the Literature World since it is big and is continuously growing! Wish me luck! *Smiles*

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Cruel Fate

I do not know anything about myself. Is this even real? Who is this couple standing in front of me? What is this place? Why is this place covered in blood? It is so cold and so unfamiliar to me. Over and over again I see a faceless couple and a man’s back who seems to look very familiar to me. I thought how it resembles Cyrus’ back. The couple keeps on telling me, “You know the truth. The truth is with you all along. Remember it! Accept the truth.”  Those words linger in my mind over and over again and their voices are familiar to me yet I do not know who do they belong to? They frighten me because I think that the truth may reveal a horrible past. Suddenly, I feel a presence that warmly comforts me. I hear a voice calling me from a far, a voice of a man. The man’s voice sounds very familiar and sends an electric wave of warmth to all over my body. His voice is so warm, loving, and caring that I forgot for a moment about the couple.
“Jane, wake up. Jane sweetie, please wake up or else we will be late. Come on Jane get up! Please!” The man called. I slowly opened my eyes and I saw this tall, handsome young man sitting in the corner, near the window of the porch, putting his book down on the table beside him. I am awed by his hard, lean frame. I can only gaze at his magnificent physique. He just looks at me with his beautiful hazel browned eyes that simply captivate me and makes my heart skip a beat. His auburn brown hair is just so heavenly. As he walks towards me, I can only think of how perfect he looks. He sat beside me and looked at me with his piercing eyes as I am still lying around the bed. He runs his fingers through my hair and asked me, “Did you sleep well last night?”
I replied, “Not really. I had that dream again. I was lost and saw a faceless couple and a man’s back that looked so familiar to me. It resembles your father, Uncle Cyrus’ back. The couple was standing in front of me telling me over and over again that I know the truth already. What is even weirder for me is the fact that the couple’s voice sound so familiar to me but I do not know to whom they belong too. Clyde, I really feel scared and unease. I have been dreaming about this a lot lately and every time I try to take a glimpse of their faces, I just cannot see them. It really frightens me.”
Clyde lies down beside me and hugs me tightly, I can hear his heartbeat. The sound of his heart soothes me. Every heartbeat seems to comfort me. It is like his heart is talking to me, telling me not to worry because he will always be there for me, keeping me safe and protecting me. It is so amazing how he can calm me down so easily. He always knows what to do at times like this… He sat back up and said, “Jane, you need to get up for breakfast. We still have an eight-o’clock meeting to attend too and we are already late for it.”
“Clyde, can we just stay home for today? We have been working non-stop and I really just want to spend an entire day beside you.”
“Is it possible that my lovely girl is missing me?”
“Of course, what do you expect? You spend more time on work than with me. I barely go to work with you since you always prefer I stay at home and rest. When I do go with you, you spend most of the time in meetings.”
“I let you stay at home and rest for a very good reason and that reason is simply because it is not good for your health to do anything straining.”
“How is spending time with you straining and bad for my health? Besides you do not bring me anywhere anymore…”
“Yes I do. Do not forget you are my date for the parties and speaking of parties, we need to attend tonight’s party at the Facor’s Manor.”
“Do we really have to go?” I asked as I get out of bed and kissed him.
“Yes. We have to… The Facor Corporation is an important business partner and client.” Clyde smiles at me and I know the look he has is telling me ‘we are going to attend the party, I know you want to stay at home and trust me I do too but I am a president of a well-known Incorporation. Please bear with it my love!
“I get it. I will meet you in the dining room as soon as I get dressed.” I replied and went straight to the bathroom to freshen up. After that I went to the walk-in closet and picked a violet dress and grab a pair of Louboutin pumps. Before leaving the room, I grab my purse and my laptop and went down stairs right away to have my breakfast. When I got to the dining room and saw Clyde waiting for me and reading the newspaper. I looked at him and said, “Clyde, what did Vance tell you? Has he found out new information that can help me find the truth about myself?”
“Jane, don’t rush him. He is doing his best. He said that there is a couple who can help you.” When I heard him said ‘a couple,’ I suddenly remembered my dream… Clyde reach out his hand to mine and said, “For now let us put that topic aside and enjoy this wonderful meal and beautiful day. We will talk about it later when we get to the office and see Vance. Okay?”
“Fine, I get it. By the way, are you planning to let me stay in your office all day long again?” He looked at me with a big grin on his face. He looks like he is suppressing his laughter and I think I know why. I bet the word ‘if so then I will be bored to death’ is written all over my face… Well it is not like he does not know how I feel staying at his office for an entire day. Every time I go with him, he is always busy and I do not wish to get in his way so I pick out a book on his bookshelves in his office and just read for an entire day. At times I even fall asleep… I guess the only thing I get to do well when I go with him is I can do my work. I always bring my laptop with me so I can research and do my manuscripts that my editor has been rushing me to finish.
When we got to his office, I sat on the couch and set up my laptop. His office gives you this warm, comfortable feeling. It has couches and a coffee table in the center of his office, behind it his office desk and chair. Everywhere I look I only see bookshelves. He really loves to read a lot and it makes me giggle just imagining what he looks like when he is not that busy and just sits in the couch and read. He sat on his chair and turns on his computer and called his secretary to bring the documents he needed to sign and to review for the meetings today through the speakerphone. His secretary knocks on the door and opens it and greeted us. I smiled at her and said, “Good morning Hanna! What is Clyde’s schedule for the entire day? Please do not tell me he will have meetings one after the other…”
“No. Today sir’s schedule is not very tight and hectic. He only has to attend four meetings but two of those where canceled already since the other party cannot make it.” Hanna smiled at me and I smiled back at her as a way of thanking her then went back to researching for materials I can use in my story. As I read through the Elizabethan era, I saw Hanna handing Clyde the documents then left us alone again. Since Clyde was so busy with work and I wanted him to finish early, I just remained silent and continued reading and researching. As soon as I found the materials I needed for my story, I started typing the draft for my manuscript.
After an hour or so, Hanna knocked on the door and opened it then informed us that Vance was back again. Clyde told Hanna to let him in and once Vance was in, Hanna left closing the door behind her. I saved my draft and Clyde sat beside me putting his arm around me. Vance sat down at the couch across us and said, “You are late. I was here this morning but Hanna told me that you were not in yet so I left and went back my office and came back here again. You two are causing me a lot of trouble.”
Clyde and I smiled at him then I said, “Sorry about that! That was my fault but then again Clyde did not wake me up earlier. By the way, Clyde told me you wanted to talk to me about a couple that can help me?”
Vance replied, “Oh yes! A couple’s corpse was found just last week in the forest near the place where you said you were found by Uncle Cyrus. Which I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, the couple is someone you know from your past.”
“Wait! The couple’s corpse was found? Then that means they are dead. If so then how can they help me?”
“Jane, I got pictures of the couples and I was hoping that if you see what they look like you will remember something. Here look at them.” Vance placed the images of the couples in front of me and as I looked at them closely I feel like a lock was suddenly opened in my head. All of a sudden I see my memories that I could never remember before. Now I know that the couple that I have been seeing in my dreams is my parents.
Clyde looked at me and said, “Well Jane, do you remember anything?”
I replied, “Yes. They are my parents. They are the couple that I have been telling you about that I constantly see in my dream.” Clyde and Vance stared at me. I can see in their faces that they are surprise as I am.
“Are you sure about that?” Clyde asked me. I nodded my head as a reply and Clyde gave me a hug to comfort me but all of a sudden he releases me and says, “Jane, what is the matter? I know you are surprise and maybe bewildered by this new discovery but why are you shaking.”
I looked at Clyde and said, “I am scared. This is my parents who were murdered right in front of me when I was younger by none other than the person who found me and took a good care of me. I remember I saw Cyrus drag my parent’s body out of our manor into the forest and burying them deep in the forest. I wanted to scream but no voice came out of my mouth then the next thing I knew our manor was on fire. After that I believe I fainted and when I woke up I was already in Cyrus’ manor all dressed up and do not remember anything about the incident and myself. I think I blocked everything out of my memory when I fainted due to fear.”
Clyde and Vance was speechless and I know what I said is something unbelievable even I am in surprise because I trusted Cyrus and treated him like my own father already but I remember that night clearly and there is no mistake that Cyrus killed my parents. I do not know why he spared me or why he did kill my parents. Right now, I do not know what to think anymore and to think the man beside me who means the world to me is the son of the man who murdered my parents. I am so confused and I know Clyde and Vance are also confused themselves.
Clyde all of a sudden let go of my hand and stand up. He looked at Vance and said, “Thank you for the help but I think it will be better if you leave us now.” Vance understood what he meant and left the room. As soon as Clyde heard the door shut, he spoke once again “Jane, I really do not know how my father can do this. I do not know anything anymore. All I remember that night when father came home there were blood stains in his coat and you were also covered in a lot of blood that I thought it was your blood over my father’s coat. Jane, I am sorry and I know that this is not enough but if you wish to leave me I will understand.”
After hearing him say that, I looked at him and said “Clyde, you are everything I have now but right now I feel like my entire world just crumbled into million pieces. I do not have any grudges on you since it was not you but your father who killed my parents but I think it is better to be apart from each other from now on. Right now, I will go and leave maybe go and see the world and find answers for myself and maybe I can also find ideas for my novels. I just want you to know that I love you way too much and I know my love for you will live on and it will never die. I do not know if our paths will ever cross again in the future, I leave that up to our fates... All I want to say to you is I really love and I will always love you no matter what. It is too late for me to turn away from my love for you since I have fallen so deep in love for you. For now, good-bye Clyde and I love you!” I gave him a kissed and hugged him then left him. All I can think about is that might have been the last time I can see him, touch him, hug him and kiss him and all I have left are the memories we made together.

This is a story that I made for my Creative Writing-Fiction class. It is my first draft and it still needs to be workshop by my entire class and I will have to revised it afterwards to create a better final output. By the way, I also posted this on my other blog >>>> Jeansha's Weblog: The Cruel Fate because I thought it will be convenient for my other classmates who do not wish to photocopy this and to print it by themselves or to read it here and my other blogs. I only give permission to my classmates to print this and/or photocopy it. Copyright still belongs to ME! I just want to make sure that is clear.
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