Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sky Wishes Necklace «« You may buy the Necklace here. The necklace is called/named Sky Wishes Necklace which is design by Matina Amanita for Sretsis. It is an Online Shop where you may find many fantastic, amazing fashion accessories/jewelries. The Online Shop’s name is Carte Blanche X. The prices are in Singapore dollar (S$).

I am in love with this necklace right now and I would love to buy it. I am serious! If I have the money to buy it, I will! They are so fashionable and they look really amazing. The Online shop has a lot of amazing, fashionable items that I want to buy. The only problem hindering me from buying is I do not have money since I need my money for my studies like photocopying, printing and such... Being a Literature Major does tend to leave my pocket empty. Lately I have not gone shopping at all. I have been stuck at home so pretty much I am looking at things online now. *Laughs* 

The owners/faces of Carte Blanche X have an amazing fashion sense. Literally! One of Carte Blanche X owners/faces is Arissa Cheo and her fashion sense is really stylish and fierce. She was featured in the February 2012 issue of Prestige Magazine Singapore and she is also on the cover of the magazine. (If you click her name, you can go and see her blog where you can see a photo of her on the cover of the said magazine)

Carte Blanche X has a page where you can find the blogs of the different faces of the online shop. By the way, the online shop also sells VanNess Wu's designs. Yeah, you heard me right! The one and only VanNess Wu. His brand name is 3.V.0.7 which is "Love". (Here is the link to see his Jewelry Collection:

The online shop sells a lot of jewelries by many talented jewelry designers so you should really check the site out Carte Blanche X. Happy Shopping everyone! *Smiles*

NOTE: Photos are not mine! They are owned by Carte Blanche X.

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