Thursday, July 14, 2016

Opening NATURE ESSENTIALS Velvet Lip Creme

Earlier this year I decided to satisfy my curiosity with a local brand named NATURE ESSENTIALS. I keep seeing great reviews about their products and they looked quite nice. Many said that their Velvet Lip Creme in "Adore" is maybe a dupe for Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit in True Brown while their shade "Desire" is closed to Kylie's Dolce K thus I really want to get my hands on them even more. Sadly when I went to the store, Adore was not available and I believe Desire was also not on display. I ended up getting one of their new shades which is "Admire". 

Their packaging was also new and unique to me due to the bamboo/wood cap. The packaging is just classy in a sense though a little bit bulky but I do not mind because I can easily find it in my purse. I find that the bamboo cap just adorable and stays true to their brand being organic and natural. If I am not mistaken, this is priced at 550 PHP.

Anyways I have already tried and worn this lip creme for an entire day more than twice already and have taken photos but I have yet to transfer the photos from my iPod Touch to my laptop (Sorry!). I will just do another post as soon as I transfer the photos from my iPod Touch to my laptop. For now, I will show you the photos of the packaging and applicator:

Nature Essentials Velvet Lip Creme in Admire 

Please imagine this packaging without the damage. I bet it looks nice and sleek. The applicator is a long and soft doe foot applicator that gets just the right amount of product for your entire lips. It is also perfect for the cupids bow.

NOTE: I am not posting these images (that show the damaged product) to destroy the brand. I am just honestly telling what happen since this was bought by my aunt with her own money for me. In fact, I reached out to them and informed them about it. Sadly, they never replied to my FB messages though I saw they have read my messages last March 2, 2016. (Honestly speaking, I am a little disappointed with their customer service because I did not get any reply from them but I am over it and seriously IN LOVE with their Velvet Lip Creme). I actually found a way to use this product even with the damaged packaging. Currently, I am happily using this product because the applicator and the product itself is just simply amazing.
I have NO ill-intention towards the brand or anything. I DO NOT need them to do anything but simply say "We apologize for what happen and we will make sure this does not happen again". I just like to be honest and share my experience. THAT IS ALL. I have managed to moved on from this and just think positive about this issue.
I just hope this does not happen to any other customer. By the way, I would also like to clearly say that I did not break the packaging. When the Sales Associate at their TriNoma Branch gave it to me, it was in a small brown paper bag and I put it in my purse as soon as she gave it to me without checking because my Aunt and I were in a rush to go home. When I went home and took it out of the brown paper bag, I noticed the cracked and the gap between the cap and the tube. It really broke my heart and I was frozen for five (5) minutes just staring at it. It was truly heartbreaking.

You might also ask why I did not return it. My answer is I was busy. How can I possibly find the time to go to the mall? I am in-between jobs at the moment or what I like to call "FUNEMPLOYED" so I want to save money as much as possible. I was also applying or job hunting during those times and going to interviews that is why I cannot find the time to actually complain, etc. It was not worth the hassle besides I really like the product and the color and was simply ecstatic to use it. I just decided to get over it and figure out a way to use the product right away because I was just excited and itching to try this for myself.

Anyways, I am not posting or showing these photos just to destroy or to damage the brand. It was just heartbreaking for me to see it damaged like that and as a perfectionist, I expected something better. Like I said before, I was just really shocked and heartbroken when I took it out from the paper bag. However, I absolutely, really LIKE and truly LOVE their VELVET LIP CREME line and would love to try out their other shades if given the chance (just need to earn more money). I would also like to try their skin care products and makeup since I have sensitive skin, acne-prone, and oily skin. (I have atopic eczema/dermatitis). I think organic and natural products might be good for my skin instead.

(I will do a more in-depth review when I do the post with the pictures of the lip color on my lips.)

I would seriously recommend this to everyone. The formula and pigmentation is just amazing. I really want to get my hands on Adore and Desire (I will just need to earn more money). Hopefully, this does not happen again to me. LOL! Go to a nearest store that carries Nature Essentials (so far, I only know they have branches at TriNoma and Glorietta). 

Seriously though, TRY THIS (if you can get your hands on any of the shades or better yet all of them) and see for yourselves. I think this will be liked by a lot of ladies.

Please check their FB Page to know more:

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3rd Day Outfit of the Day: Taiwan

I went to Taiwan last December 22-29, 2014. It was a lot of fun since I have been so stressed on December 2013 and last year due to my Thesis. Finally! I officially graduated last year on June 14, 2014. However, I would like to apologize about the lack of update on any of my blogs even after I graduated.... Looking for a full-time job is not as easy as you think (especially as a Literature major where people tend to limit this course to reading, writing, editing, teaching and the like. I am aware my course can do business as well such as marketing). Anyways, I have yet to finish editing the video for Sharm's Notes so for now, my outfits when I travel abroad.

I have not travel outside of the country for a long time now so I am extremely happy that I got to travel abroad. How I miss Taiwan! Our first four days we were at Tai Chung then the next four days we went to Taiwan. This is when we were at Tai Chung.

By the way, I was not able to take a photo of my second day outfit due to the fact that it sort of resembles the outfit I wore later on my trip. I also have yet to upload my first day outfit on my Instagram (@xoxosharm24)... I'll be uploading it soon. As for my outfit for the rest of the trip, I have already uploaded it on my Instagram (@xoxosharm24).

Top: ZARA (I think... not so sure. Sorry! But I do think it is ZARA)
Pants: Apple Jeans (It's from Korea I think. I got it from my mom)
Shoes: Skechers (not seen on the photo)
Bag: Elle (In front of the backpack)
Backpack: Outdoor Products (At the background)

I only took one photo for each day so sorry for the limited photo. I was at the hotel when I took this photo thus I was not wearing my shoes... My shoes all throughout the trip is my Skechers rubber shoes. You will see it when I post my first day outfit in Taiwan. Also, I know I have already posted a photo of it on my Instagram and here on the blog... Check my "Some Shoes on My Instagram" post. It is the third photo on that post though I am still posting it here:

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sharm's Notes Ep. 1

Here's a How-To and a Review of Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor in 001 Perfect Peony:

Make sure to watch it in HD.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pop of Color

I took these photos when I had to get ready in 15 minutes... I decided to just grab a nice dress and a wonderful pair of shoes to match. I am sorry that I forgot to take pictures of my bag! I was really in a hurry to leave my house. That is why, I opted for a simple, casual look.

Shoes: Staccato

By the way, let me tell you about this shoes... It is just gorgeous! I really love the splash of colors on the wedge heels because the blue matches my dress while the red, creme and green adds color to my dress. Wearing red shoes can really make a woman feel nice and confident!

Before I forget, I would also like to apologize for my lack of accessorizing or rather for no accessorizing at all. I was really in a rush to leave.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sharm's Notes Ep. 0

In my last post, I made an announcement stating that I am planning to make a web series entitled Sharm's Notes and I finally figured out how to actually post it on YouTube. I would keep my best in posting more videos and shooting more videos for you but that might take a while since I am still working on my Thesis 2. Sadly, I am only about to be done with the first draft... To think I have less than one month before I need to submit this. *Sigh*

Anyways, here is Sharm's Notes Ep. 0:

It is "Ep. 0" because this is my very first video and I just want to try this out.

Forgive the lighting.

The products I mentioned in the video are bought by me (technically, by my parents since I do not have money... Being a Literature Major is hard with a big chance of being poor! *Laughs* However, I love my course!).

KANEBO Mineral BB Cream Moist (Gold packaging) = Dewy Finish!
BEN NYE Luxury Powder in Buff (bought from Digital Traincase by my Aunt and give to me as a gift)
REVLON Colorstay Ultimate Lipcolor in 001 Perfect Peony = Matte Finish!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Announcement: New Ideas and Insta

I apologize for being MIA for the past few months... I have been very busy with studies namely thesis. However, I am enjoying the holidays and the vacation. I seriously need the R & R! Anyways, I wish to greet you all a very belated MERRY CHRISTMAS! I also wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you are enjoying your holidays with your loved ones.

For the past few months, I have constantly thought about making vlogs or video blogs since I am quite busy with studies thus I would like to introduce to all of you Sharm's Notes. I plan to make this like a web series but I need to test run it first since I do not have the fancy cameras thus I ended up shooting my video on the MacBook Air's built-in camera in which I am not certain it would play on PC or Windows.

I made a YouTube account already but the problem is I still need to edit the video and upload it which by the way takes so long... Can someone tell me how to upload a video to YouTube? I plan to use iMovie to upload the video to YouTube but it does take so long. For now, I'll just make a written Sharm's Notes by reviewing some beauty products, etc.

For now, I will share to you a video I posted on my Instagram (@xoxosharm24)... The video shows some beauty products and a watch that I got from my Aunt when she went to U.S.A. Enjoy!

I am also going to share my outfit for my 20th Birthday last November 24, 2013. Goodness me, I am 20 years old... No longer a "teenager" but a young adult/lady.

Another video showing my accessories this time...

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss Review

Sorry for being MIA but if you have read my last post I mentioned that I am doing my thesis this term until next term. I want to graduate already... By the way, here is a little tip on how to know if you are super stress:

You want to cry and you do feel like crying, but you do not have time to cry.

This is my situation right now. Trust me, I have told myself over and over again: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CRY. Anyways, I am reviewing Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Island Berry for you all.

Human Heart Nature is an organic brand so one is more or less safe using this brand.

Price: 195 php

However, I got this for free. My bought Human Heart Nature sets as Christmas present and she kept some for herself so I ask her for this lip gloss since she was not using it anyway. *Laughs*

The applicator is actually not bad. It is very soft and get about enough product to apply on the lips. I think the hole in the middle helps control the amount of product you get... That is just my theory.

Swatch with Good Lighting (Room Light)

Close-up Swatch (Indirect Room Light)

The packaging looks like a typical lip gloss packaging. The problem I have with it is the fact that it spills to the point that I have to roll a tissue paper around it to absorb the product so that when I bring it with me, it would not stained anything in my bag. It was a smart decision... Look at that tissue. I do not know if it is just me.

For those who have used the product, tell me if you experienced the same thing.

The colour in the tube is not the same as the one you will see on your lips. It looks very pigmented on the tube but it is sheer when applied... Then again, it is a lip gloss. There are barely lip glosses that are very pigmented and this is certainly not one of them.


It is worth trying. Not drying on the lips but if you are looking for a pigmented gloss then this is not for you. I do not like the fact that it tends to emphasize the hyper-pigmentation going on the outer corners of my mouth though. However, for the prize and the fact that it is organic then you might be safe in using the product. I do like the experience I had with the lip gloss but would I be buying it for myself? Perhaps someday but certainly not now. I have a ton of lipsticks that I want to try and have bought... I am still buying more lipsticks to try and add to my collection.

Why not give it a shot?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lip Smacker Cookies 'N Cream Review

Okay... I admit that I have been busy lately. I just finish my on-job-training and I am currently enjoying my very short vacation. Not really! I have to read two books for my thesis since I am going to start my thesis next term so good luck to me. Anyways, I am going to do Beauty or Make-Up posts to compensate for my lack of Fashion posts because with Make-Up posts I can easily insert it in my tight schedule. Besides, I have been obsessed with make-up products lately due to my face becoming oily lately. I am also currently obsessed/crazy for lipstick specifically matte or semi-matte or creamy matte lipsticks because it piqued my interest but I am in love with other kinds of lipsticks too.

That was a very long introduction. Sorry for being a chatterbox! I am now going to talk to you about Lip Smacker in Cookies 'N Cream. I have heard of Lip Smacker before but I never managed to try it since it is not that much available here in the Philippines. My sister and I managed to get two sets of Lip Smacker when we went to a department store... Either SM Department Store or Robinson's Department Store. Sorry, I cannot really remember the department store but I know it is either of those two.

Anyways, this is how it looks like:

When you first open it, you will not see the whole in the middle. I have been using this for a while now so I reached the middle of the lip balm.

I have been using this for a while now so I am pretty sure it is a little bit more longer than this...

What is my verdict?

I will be repurchasing Lip Smackers again (if I find one and after my sister and I consumed the two sets of Lip Smackers) for the following reasons:

1. It treats my chapped lips.
2. After using this, my lips feels so smooth, hydrated, and moisturized.
3. It is very creamy. (Disadvantage: It tends to feel heavy on the lips especially if you use it as a base and top it off with a lipstick that also happens to be creamy... However, that might be just me because I am very aware of it when I apply it on my lips especially if I applied two coats since I can really feel that there is something on my lips.)
4. It has this glossy finish.
5. It does not necessarily have a bad smell but this can vary on personal taste since the reason my sister told me to use this is because she did not like the smell.
6. For me, it smells like Cookies 'N Cream. (I am just reiterating #5)