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Hello, my name is Sharmaine.

Nickname: Sharm

Lineage: Pure Chinese (However my family is living in a country far from my own lineage!)

Explanation for the profile name "Honey": The reason my profile name is "Honey" because I use to blog under that name in my previous blog. The blog platform shut down all the blogs due to it being bought... I think. Not so sure about that since I am so not clear with the facts.

One word to describe myself: Meticulous? (My friends describe me this way a lot!)

Another word to describe myself: Frank. (I am pretty honest and straightforward. To be honest many people hate this personality of mine but I can control it, all you have to do is say so… although if I really have to say about something, I will!)

Oriented type of person: Goal-Oriented (Trust me! I am a very goal-oriented person. I will do anything to attain my goals but in the fair and nice way. I do not believe in cheating or easier way to attain my goals because the harder I strive for my goals, I know the more I learn, grow and stand taller and longer. I always say when you work really hard for something; the good results will always make you feel better because you know you work hard enough for it. If you do not get a good result, it only means you need to work harder because you did not work, persevere and strive hard enough. I am competitive!)

Number of Blogs Own: 3 (The links of my other 2 blogs are below and on the right navigation bar!)

Leisure Time to do: Listening to Music, Reading, Writing, Blogging, Surfing the net for something awesome, Watching TV series and Movies, Researching… (I like to do a lot of things! I do not like doing nothing not even for a nanosecond because I will surely go madly insane if I do nothing, not unless if I am really lazy which is very seldom because even when I am lazy I am still doing something! Ah… Irony! *Laughs*)

Favorite Flower: Roses

Favorite Color: Violet

Favorite Colors of Rose: Blue, Red, Violet, Lavender, Orange

Curious about: Blue Rose, Black Rose, Life, Love and a lot more things... 

Questions about the Blog:
1. Why did I named my blog "Blooming Rose"?
     > I named my blog "Blooming Rose" because for one, as you can see above, rose is my favorite flower. "Blooming Rose" to me means growth. We grow up little by little and we surround ourselves with tender, loving, kindness of the people we meet along the way. Just like that, a rose comes from a seed and little by little it grows and turns into a fully-bloomed rose that is simply breathtaking.

2. What does my blog's tagline "Roses are Beautiful but they have Thorns" even mean?
      > I have always love roses but I know for a fact that it is challenging to get one, most especially the wild roses, because of their thorns. I think there is a reason why roses have thorns and I think it is because of the fact that it wants to protect itself from those people who wish to harm them. After all, a rose will slowly wither away to death once it is pluck. I think the thorns serve as a rose shield to protect themselves so that they might/can continue on living and growing.
      > Another reason I have is because roses are truly beautiful and breathtaking but the thorns for me represents the ugly side of roses in where I somehow see it as a representation of life's challenges, troubles, problems and burdens. In order to attain a beautiful, amazing life, we must undergo rough life experiences first.
      > My other reason is that I see the rose to represent a lot of things like life (the reason above this) and our hearts/feelings in relation to love. There are times where we will meet gorgeous, amazing people who are so guarded to the point that they will not allow themselves to fall in love and they will push people away because they are afraid of getting hurt. As I see it, the thorns of the rose is a representation of the safety net of such people. They are guarded by these thorns so that as one tries to reach out to them, they will get hurt and maybe back away from them.

That is so far my interpretations of the Rose and its Thorns.

If any of you wish to contact me, you may do so through the "CONTACT FORM" located at the sidebar and top bar.

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