Sunday, February 19, 2012

VanNess Wu's 3.V.0.7 Jewelry

One thing you can add in VanNess Wu's list of talents/job is Jewelry Designer. You heard me right, he is also designs jewelry and his jewelry brand is 3.V.0.7 and if you read it backwards, it means "LOVE". The designs are so interesting... I totally love them. I wish I can find them in shops when I go to Taiwan. I seriously do! I am totally in love with his jewelry designs. They are so amazing! You see I love hearts, locks, keys, and cross which I can totally find them in his jewelry collection. You may see more of his jewelry collection here >>>> <<<< The site is in Chinese but there is an option can be in English. You might also like to check out the other fashionables items being sold in the site. It is full of fashionable items so check it out.

NOTE: I do not own the photos. It is owned by the site and of course the jewelry designer.

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