Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vacation + Manuscript Editing (Part 2)

Finally I can complete my post about my vacation in Mactan, Cebu during the Holy Week (April 5-7, 2012). To read the part 1, you can view it here >>>> Vacation + Manuscript Editing (Part 1). In the part 1, I pretty much showed you what the Imperial Palace looks like but for this post I would like to focus on the room we stayed in.

I believe the room that we stayed in is called the "Cebu Suite". It has two bedrooms that are linked together by a large living room. This room is actually good for us since we are five people in a family (dad, mom, brother, sister and me). *Laughs*

This is the hallway of the building where our room is located.

Time to ring the doorbell and enter this beautiful suite. (I just finish reading/studying for an exam for my Introduction to Philosophy class so right now things come to mind that are not very sensible... Digesting what I just read! *Laughs* However, if I remember correctly there is a doorbell.)

The Back of the Door
Once you open the door, you will see the living room so I will start there.

Mirror on the wall.

Sorry about the shoes. My family has already decided to remove their shoes and change into comfy slippers that is already provided... Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the slippers. *Pout* 

The weighing scale is provided. Important note to all: Never use the weighing scale on a carpeted floor such as the one you see above because it would not be accurate. You will think you are thinner/losing weight... That is what my sister thought after my uncle told her that it would not be accurate because it is a carpeted floor. It is more accurate in a plain surface such as the bathroom floor (which you will see the photos later on this post).

Once again, pardon the shoes/outdoor slippers of my family members. *Laughs* Now, let us head forward to the living room itself.

My dad could not wait to bring out the liquor he brought with him... One of his favorite. Johnnie Walker.  For the record, I do NOT drink nor do I smoke. It is only my dad who is like that and my uncles used to also be both but they have stopped smoking a long time ago but they still drink.

Close up on the side table.

The living room originally looks like that but since there are 5 of us so my parents asked for an extra bed which I asked them to put it in the living room instead of the other two rooms since it will be hard to bring the extra bed there and the space is not big enough. It will be troublesome to move a lot of things so we decided to move the single chair to the other side and then...

This is how the living room look liked after the extra bed had arrived. This is the bed that I slept in during my entire stay at the hotel... Miss the big room, big space, and the 24/7 air condition! *Smile*

Time to see the patio.

The Patio

You can hang your clothes to dry if you want. I think this is good for people who wish to stay longer.

Back to the living room, there is actually a bar table/mini kitchen.

Forgive the hand on the left side. It's my brother's hand who cannot wait to leave the thing he is holding on top of the counter... *Grrr* Do not know how I can remove that and also do pardon the bags/things on the counter and the chair because we were still settling in at that time.

Behind the counter... 

Close up
The bottles of water are free for you to drink. I also believe the tea bags and instant coffee sachets are free. The small bottles of liquor and snacks are NOT free!

Another thing that is nice in this hotel is that the room has its own extra room. It is like a storage room. I think it is the storage room since the main switch for the electricity in the room is found there.

Open Door

Now on to the rooms... There are two rooms and each has their own bathrooms. It just so happens that other room's bathroom has two doors. Let us head to the room located to the right of the living room.

The bathroom for this room.

The glass door that you see in the photo is the door for the toilet... The toilet has its own door!

On to the other room... The other room is of course located on the left of the living room. This other room has two doors for its bathroom so the people in the living room can have a quick access to a bathroom.

One of my brother's bag... I wonder why did he left it lying around there? I mean I think he can put it some place else except the walk way. Just saying!

My brother's backpack is on that side of the bed so typically it means that he will be sleeping there.

My brother's short is already hanged... *Laughs*

The bathroom with two doors

I was not meant to be in the photo. It just so happens that the mirror is facing the room's door so I was seen. My bad!

It also has its own door.

Once again, I did not mean to be in the shot.

Now on to the view of this suite... It has a nice view!

I took the six photos above inside the living room that is why you can see the bar and roof but I did took the photos again and this time I made sure to take photos when I was in the balcony... Here they are:

So sorry about the bar handles. My hands were somehow shaking at that time.

A vast land of grass. It is so GREEN! *Laughs* I barely see this in the city.

I took this photo inside the room and I did not know how to open the windows that is why on the right side of the photo you can see some sort of a white line... 

The three photos above are taken in the room located in the left. I seriously did not know how to open the windows so I had to take a picture through the window. It is challenging to take these photos because it is close to the building we are staying it so when you look out the window, you have to look down near the window ledge...

Took it through the window again. I need more practice! I seriously am admitting that...

Look! The flash of my camera looks like the sun. *Laughs* How nice!

For the somewhat blurry photos, I apologize for that cause I was shooting them through the window while standing on the bed and on my tippy toes.

All I can say is that so far this is the only hotel that has passed my standards when it comes to hotels we are staying in. I really enjoyed my stay! I miss this vacation greatly since it is my first time in Cebu and it is so beautiful! I also miss the fact that I can have relaxation and have peace and quiet to study. It is always a refreshing feeling to go away from the busy city life. Everything is so fast paced that we cannot appreciate the beauty of nature but this is one of those moments where you need to take a step back from the your work and/or studies and enjoy the beautiful nature. It is somewhat helpful in editing my manuscript because I got stuck trying to figure out how to edit it but because I had the chance to become one with nature, somehow, I got my head clear and little by little I was able to edit my manuscript. However, I had a hard time focusing on my assignments mainly the manuscript that I have to edit... Do you have any idea how conflicting it is? I want to relax and have fun since I am in this gorgeous place and I do appreciate that it helped me edit my manuscript but I also wanted to go with my cousins and try out the slides, jet skis and the like. My advice: Do not go into a vacation when you have studies or work to do. It really ruins the fun because I kept on thinking about my manuscript that I have to edit and to submit as my final paper for class.

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