Monday, February 6, 2012

Zara "Perfect Shirt"


Recently I bought this shirt from ZARA and they are really nice... I already bought three inner tops for it. My only problem is I have a hard time finding a good pair of jeans to pair it with. I am going through my closet to look for a good pair of jean that will look good with it. Need to keep on looking. I am looking for the jeans in the photo. I am practically going through every single ZARA store (okay, that is an exaggeration).

If my memory serves me right, I got it for 2, 290php. I am not that sure with the price since it was already on SALE when I bought it but I think that was the price I saw. I did not really pay attention cause when I saw it I want to have it already... *Laughs* The shirt comes in two colors blue (navy blue? The one you see above) and gray. I can no longer find it on their website so maybe they longer sale it (Note the word "maybe").

NOTE: I do not own the picture. The picture is own by ZARA!

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