Monday, May 21, 2012

Must Read Blogs

I know I still owe you the part two of my Holy Week Vacation but please understand it is summer break and on Thursday I will be back to university for the new term and new academic year... Soon enough I will be back to stress and busy mode. I took a lot of photos during the Holy Week and I have to arrange them, divide them and pick out the good photos. I also have to watermark the photos before posting them to make sure no copyright infringement so please do bear with me.

Anyways, I want to talk about blogs that are certainly worth reading...

Arissa Cheo is the co-founder of Carte Blanche X and she is based in Singapore. She has an amazing fashion sense that you will surely fell in love with. I know I did!

Arissa Cheo featured in Prestige Magazine Singapore

I always enjoy reading her blog... I also enjoy the music playing on her blog. I suggest you go and check her blog out on Carte Blanche X! (You may click on her name above and it will also link you to her blog. By clicking "Carte Blanche X" above, you can open the Carte Blanche X's website. Who knows you might enjoy shopping! Remember it is in Singaporean Dollar.)

Next up is one of the faces of Carte Blanche X, Rigel Davis...

She is based in Shanghai (according to her profile in her Carte Blanche X blog. She actually has two blogs. One is under Carte Blanche X and the other one is what I am thinking as her official blog. It is actually fun to read her blog because she has a very amazing fashion sense just like her friend Ms. Arissa Cheo and at the same time you can see pictures of her trips. It is like a photography diary of her experiences and her fashion sense. The picture above is what I believe to be Her Official Blog. Her Carte Blanche X blog is also updated so I suggest you check out both of her blogs.

(Click on "Her Official Blog" to visit her blog. Click also on "Her Carte Blanche X blog" to visit her blog on Carte Blanche X. Both blogs are updated by her! She makes blog posts on both blogs with the same contents and pictures but at times she updates Her Carte Blanche X Blog later than Her Official Blog.)

Stephanie Er is also one of the faces of Carte Blanche X. If you like travelling, I seriously suggest you go and read her blogs... (Yes! She also has two blogs!) She travels a lot and takes a photo of her travels so simply speaking her blog is a "Photo Travel Blog Diary" I guess. Just like Ms. Rigel Davis, both of her blogs are updated.

She owns The Pootsville Times (her official blog). She also has a very nice fashion sense just like both her friends Ms. Arissa Cheo and Ms. Rigel Davis...

I believe she posts the same contents and photos on Her Carte Blanche X blog.

By the way, I forgot to mention that Ms. Stephanie Er is based in Singapore.
Carte Blanche X actually lets the faces for the site posts their looks in their own blogs' lookbook... (It's the icon with the dress. Looks) How about you check out their lookbooks? The links are below. I also suggest you go and check out the other faces of Carte Blanche X by clicking the "Faces" button on the header.

Arissa Cheo's LookBook
Rigel Davis's LookBook
Stephanie Er's LookBook

I'm all done with my favorite faces of Carte Blanche X. Time to talk about Fashion Bloggers outside of the Carte Blanche X circle.

Jessica Ricks is a fashion blogger based in Bay Area, California. She is half Japanese and half Caucasian. I actually found her blog through while looking for a fashion blogger to follow on Twitter and to bookmark fashion blogs.

I actually love reading her blog and looking through her photos... I also love her banner. (Click on her name to visit her blog!)

Her blog looks simply and clean. It is very pleasing to the eyes.

She has a good fashion sense and the looks that goes with it. She is extremely talented!

To tell you all the truth, I fell in love with her blog to the point that I decided to read all her blog posts... I am serious! I read all her blog posts from her very first blog post ever to the recently posted one. I am glad that I gave time to read all her blog posts and I actually finish reading all of them so now I am simply waiting for her new blog posts. I was so happy to actually be able to go back to her very first blog posts because I decided to read in a descended order and thought I would give up in the middle since I had a long way to go before I can reach her very first blog posts. However, I did not give up and I finished reading them. Right now, I am reading her recent blog posts and waiting for her to make a new blog post.

I suggest you follow her blog and bookmark it! It is so worth it so go visit her blog!

By the way, Jessica Ricks also has a Tumblr... Go and check it out too! >>>> Jessica Ricks's Tumblr

Another blog that is a total MUST READ is by Peony Lim. I also found her through She is based in London and she works as a blogger and stylist.

She has a very nice fashion sense and she also blogs about her experiences when she goes travelling. She attends fashion shows like the London Fashion Week... I am so envious! *Laughs*

Another interesting thing to find in her blog is food. Delicious looking food! Oh yes! I forgot to mention that Ms. Peony Lim owns an online boutique that is super worth checking out. (Peony Lim Big Cartel)

You should also check out her Tumblr. >>>> Peony Lim's Tumblr

Jenny Ong is a blogger based in Orange County, California and her blog is entitled "Neon Blush". She owns an online shop named "Shop Neon Blush."

Let me just say, I am so sorry for having only one photo of Neon Blush. I got tired of getting the print screen, pasting to Paint, removing the Bookmarks Bar in the photo and cropping the unwanted tabs out the photo... *Laughs*

Next up is Chiara Ferragni. She is a blogger and designer based in Italy. What I like in her blog is she writes in Italian and in English... I cannot read Italian but I would surely love to learn it. I also like the title of her blog, "The Blonde Salad." Let me just say she has amazing fashion sense and she is one great designer. If only I have money! *Laughs*

I only have one photo of this too... Same reason as the one with Jenny Ong. Neon Blush and The Blonde Salad were the last blogs that I print screen. *Laughs* Oh yes! The reason I did not post the link to the shop of Ms. Chiara Ferragni is because I could not find the link. Sorry about that!

That is why the last blog that you should read is by Camille Co. A Philippine based blogger and designer. She is a very good fashion designer... Check out her shop "Coexist" >>>> Shop at Coexist

Wow! Making this blog posts took up all morning! Now if you would not mind... I will go watch some TV and read some blogs.

I have a lot of blogs bookmarked but these are the top bloggers and blogs that I completely fell in love with and I do not think I can print screen and that many blogs. These blogs are my top choices and what I love to keep on checking and coming back to every single day!

Note: The photos are owned by the blogs that I mentioned above and the bloggers themselves. I do not own them!


  1. oh hun you are SO SWEET! i can't believe you read every single one of my posts, i thought no one would read them all, surely haha <3 i really really appreciate the shout out and that i am among your fave blogs. wonderful :)

  2. awesome photos! Come by and let's follow each other! Stay in touch ;)!

  3. These are some of my fave fashion blogs that I visit occasionally too! :D Great compilation.

    -MB *

  4. Thanks for the fab tips, some very fashion conscious and stylish ladies here!


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