Sunday, September 9, 2012

Leopard or Cheetah Roar

This has been in my computer for a while now... If you are following me on Instagram, you would most likely know this outfit. *Laughs*

Dress: Babydoll

I am so sorry for my mistake... I did my research once again between Leopard and Cheetah print. I think this is a Leopard inspired print but at the same time there are some spots that looks like a Cheetah inspired. I am now very confuse! *Laughs*

This is a very nice dress. I always fear wearing printed clothes because I am the type of person to always like classy, simple pieces. My mother is actually the one who chose it and told me to wear it... Mother does know best!

It is nice to wear a dress to go to the mall. It makes shopping a whole lot easier most especially if you need to try-on some clothes. *Laughs* It also makes me feel comfortable and somewhat relax. Like I said before, I always wear a night dress or a top and a skirt when I am at home so wearing this to the mall makes me feel calm and stress-free.

Among the three photos, this is the only one that I did not use the Instagram filters or the brightness... I took this at a store named Muji (Rockwell Branch). Muji is a very neat store because it pretty much has everything such as Foods, Drinks, Furniture (table, chairs, etc.), Office/Academic Supplies (notebook, pens, etc.), Bags, Shoes, Clothes and many more... You can surely buy a lot there!

To know more about Muji, go here: Muji's Global Site.

Bag: Mendoza; Watch: Citizen; Shoes: Cerutti

This photo was taken at Zara's (Rockwell Branch) Fitting Room. I was waiting for my sister and since I had nothing to do I took a photo of myself...

Keeping this post short because I am experiencing problems with my net connection and I am very nervous and anxious because today is the day where I will see my final grades for all of my classes this term. May God bless me that I may pass all of my classes!

On a totally unrelated topic from this post, I have mentioned to you before that I plan to change my banner and I will as soon as my friend finish making my banner.

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