Friday, August 24, 2012

Instagram: Some Accessories

Here are some of my Instagram Photos of my bags and accessories... Well some of my bags and accessories! *Laughs*

Bag: Maiden Form; Bangle: Celine; Watch: Casio

Bag: Topshop; Bangle: Celine

The Bangle is my go-to bracelet so I wear it a lot... It already tarnished a little but I do not care because it kind of adds to the niceness and design of the bangle! *Wink Wink*

Watch: Black Sheep; Bag: ?? I got the bag from my sister and it was given to her as a gift... She did not used it because she does not like shoulder bags so more bags for me! *Happy Girl*

Ring: ?? I bought it from the Bazaar held in my University.
Baller/Bracelet: My friend designed and made it! She sells this... *Smiles*

This are my go-to accessories... I'm serious! That is why it is placed that way so I can see everything and just grab what I can. *Laughs*

Watch: Citizen

Watch: Red Racing
This watch is a free given to my dad after he both some boxes of cigars at Duty Free. For a record, I do not encourage smoking... I do not like it at all because it is dangerous! My dad is the only one that smokes. *Sigh* Anyways, the watch is really gorgeous!

Bag: Anne Klein

Bag: Echolac

Bag: Maiden Form
The bag is my go-to bag so it is pretty worn-out since I used it a lot! It is really spacey and big. It is so useful! I really love this bag! By the way, we got this bag for free for buying Maiden Form lingerie.

Bag: Kipling; Sunblock: Nivea

We bought this bag in Taiwan. I really love the color and how useful it is.

Anyways, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @xoxosharm24. If you do not have an Instagram, then make one it is really easy and you will have tons of fun using it. However if you do not wish to make an Instagram account due to one not having an iPhone or iPod Touch or any Android OS phones or tablets or you simply do not wish to then you can check out my Instagram photos on SHARM'S WEBSTAGRAM.

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