Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple + Green

This is one of my usual outfit when I go to university...

Top: ??; Jeans: ??
The reason why I do not know where my clothes are from is because we buy them from a small store that sells clothes from China and mostly Korea for an acceptable price meaning not too expensive and not too cheap. To be honest, there is a "Made in Korea" writing on my jeans. I really do not mind whether it is from Korea or China because it is very comfortable and light. The price is not bad either. I will always prioritize quality over anything else since I do have very sensitive skin. The quality of my outfit here is pretty good.

I like to wear loose tops and jeans when I go to my classes because I am so stress out already and wearing a loose top makes me feel calmer. I do not really mind if I wear my clothes over and over again because I actually run-out of clothes to wear after my first year of stay in the university. It is not like I do not have enough clothes rather I need to comply to the dress code of my university. Another reason why I keep on wearing the same thing is that I do not prepare them in the evening because I depend on my mood for my outfit. When I wake up in the morning, my mood is not the same with my mood last night so I always end up returning the clothes (mostly the top, not the jeans) that I have brought out last night and just ended up grabbing a new top then wear it.

Yes, this is how I pick out my clothes. I based them on my mood and whatever I can grab. I do not have that much time to think in the morning what I want to wear because I am still sleepy and too lazy to think about it. When it is a weekday, meaning I have to go to university and attend classes, my mindset is simple: "As long as I look put together and descent on the outside, that is enough for me." I hide my stress inside. If you ask my friends, no matter how many times I say I am stress I never look like I am. *Laughs* This will be a useful trick for me in the future.

By the way, there is a design on the right back pocket of my jeans:

Is the design cute? I must apologize for the lacking stick-on shiny thing... The jeans are so worn out already! Every time it gets wash, the stick-on shiny thing falls out. *Laughs*

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