Friday, August 10, 2012

Instagram: Some Outfits

Well, it has been a while and time surely flies fast when you are doing so many things and given a short time. Anyways, I decided to post some photos from my Instagram (@xoxosharm24).

Let us just say that the child in me never left... Actually this night/indoor dress used to belong to my mom but now it's mine! It's really comfy. I am the type of girl who wears a top + shorts indoors. I like wearing night dresses or a top + skort (for those of you who does not know what a "skort" is, it is a skirt and a short at the same time. Those things girls wear when they work-out or do something sporty). I also prefer wearing a top + skirt when I am home but usually it is a night dress. I do not like wearing pajamas either so pretty much what I wear indoors is what I sleep in. Oh yeah! I forgot... I do wear short, but very seldom, and the shorts has to be the shorts one wears during work-outs. The mini shorts kind of thing.

Night dresses are very comfy to sleep in. Just saying.

This is my other night/indoor dress. My grandmother bought it in China if I remember it correctly.

Wore this neon outfit to go out one night with me family. It was raining so and night time so what better way to stand out in the dark and show your happiness than neon color. I like cloudy and rainy days for some odd reason maybe because I am a water element... *Laughs* Ever since I was younger, I like water a lot though I do not swim well. *Weird* The only thing I do not like in the rain is the flood.

The pink shorts actually used to be my mom's but she gave them to me since it fits me. *Happy Girl*

The neon yellow top is a customized. We had to wear a jersey for one of our P.E. classes in University. We had a whole term for Futsal (I think it is like football or soccer but played indoors). It's a waste not to wear the shirt since we did pay for it. It has the emblem of the Brazil's team because we picked out our team and shirt designs based on the 2010 FIFA World Cup. We actually wanted either Spain or Germany but the other classes/team had chosen the teams already so the third on the list was Brazil. Anyways, I cannot wait for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. So excited! Right now I am keeping watch of the London Olympics 2012. What country are you cheering for?

Dress: Mark and Spencer

My other night/indoor dress that is actually very loose on me so I put a belt on my waist just for the photo. I was bored! My sister saw me taking this photo and asked me "Where are you going? Are you going out?" so I guessed if I put a belt on this night/indoor dress it can be an outdoor, casual dress? Maybe. *Ideas coming to me*

When I took this photo, I was standing in front of the iMac and saw that my dress reflected nicely on the iMac so I took a photo of it. *Smiles*

This is a good example of a skirt that I wear indoor and to bed. It is Reebok and every time I wear this I feel sporty and it sways when I move most especially when I spin around. So fun playing with this skirt! Love this skirt! By the way, just like the photo above this is the reflection of my skirt on our iMac. *Cheers*

Anyways, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @xoxosharm24. If you do not have an Instagram, then make one it is really easy and you will have tons of fun using it. However if you do not wish to make an Instagram account due to one not having an iPhone or iPod Touch or any Android OS phones or tablets or you simply do not wish to then you can check out my Instagram photos on SHARM'S WEBSTAGRAM.

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  1. oh i love the neon green with the purple :) and hey, thanks so much sweetie :) I have been working out consistently and pushing myself most of my life. now i just eat small healthy meals and snacks, and go to the gym about every other day for an hour, and switch my routine up when i can. also always make sure i pull a sweat and feel both tired/energized when i am done :) staying fit is a lifestyle choice you know? i dont go out to eat that often, nor do i get drinks, just water. hope this helps!!!


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