Monday, May 7, 2012

Practicing Photography

This post is simply going to tell you my experience with photography so far... As I have mentioned in a blog post before, I stopped taking photos for a long period of time but lately I have been continuously bothered to take photos so now I am taking photos after getting a Nikon D70S DSLR from my dad. (It used to be his! *Laughs*)

Anyways here are the photos... I mostly like taking photos of nature. (I seriously do not know why but ever since I can remember I love taking photos of the beautiful nature this world have.)

Dear Neighbors, please forgive the fact that your houses are here. *Laughs* I wanted to take a photo of the sky but it is just so hard with the window bars. Does the sky look yellowish or something like that? Sepia?

Please forgive me the window bar... It is quite hard for me to take photos through the window because all of our windows have window bars (it is the design of our windows!). After the "sepia-like" color of the sky, it turned red like flaming red. It really is summer!

After it became reddish, this is the photo I took. As one may notice it is starting to become dark already.

This is probably the hottest summer I have experienced. At least the previous summers were not as hot as the one we are experiencing today... I can actually feel like sun's ray is actually burning my skin. When I walk through the sun, I notice my skin starts to redden and itch a lot. It is like I am allergic to the heat because it is simply too much!

The nice darkening sky. So many colors! So pretty! Sorry about the reflection. I took a photo through the window and the flash reflected so there is a somewhat shadow of a board and a lamp...

Is it me or this photo looks a little haunted? This thought came through my mind as I upload this photo to my laptop.

Anyways, I want to talk about the part two of my previous post ("Vacation + Manuscript Editing Part 1") because it is taking me a while to post it due to me learning photography using a DSLR + A Summer Reading List for next term + Driving School, I find it hard to squeeze in the time and watermark the photos. It is a lot of photos and I also want to sort them out so I will need more time with it so please have some patience and bear with me! I guess my friend is right. I am a workaholic! *Laughs* I am not actually the type of person to do nothing. It is very seldom for me to get bored and have nothing to do because I always look for something new to do like for this summer driving school and photography.

In relation to the one paragraph above, I also want to talk about the Revised Draft of my other blog post ("The Cruel Fate"). As you all know I did this manuscript as part of my Creative Writing in Fiction class and we have to revised it but I never posted the revised draft here but I posted it on my Wordpress Blog (can be found on my "About Me" Page along with my Tumblr Blog) since my Wordpress Blog is specifically for my works only. Anyways, here is the link ("The Cruel Fate Revised")

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