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Vacation + Manuscript Editing (Part 1)

I had been postponing this blog posts for quite a while now due to my studies as a Literature Major but before this month end I must share my experience during my stay in Cebu. We went here during the Holy Week (April 5-7 to be exact) so imagine how long this post has been postpone... *Laughs* It was my first time going to Cebu so naturally I feel excited about it... I made sure to bring a camera and take photos this time. Lately I have been wanting to take lots of photos and thought I needed practice so what better way than to capture a moment of my life. I admit that I took photos before but I stopped taking photos because most of the time I forgot to bring my camera or I feel like that it was a hassle to carry it around everywhere but lately I have been encourage once again to take photos. *Happy* However, I certainly need more practice so please bear with my photos if they are not that good. *Laughs*

Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa Cebu Emblem

I took a photo of this emblem on their envelop. It was small so I had to use the macro-mode of my Nikon Coolpix (I forgot the model of my Coolpix, my apologies! *Laughs*). For the record, my Nikon Coolpix was a gift from my parents' friend and originally it was given to my mom but since my mom do not like taking photos much, she gave it to me. *Smiles*

The Lobby Bar

Glass of Water. *Laughs*

The coaster of the glass with the emblem of the hotel.

View at the Lobby Bar
Sorry about the picture of the view at the lobby bar being dark! I forgot to use flash because it was so sunny outside and indoor since the sunlight penetrates in the lobby bar which made it so hot to sit there... I really should have use flash but like I said I am still practicing after stopping for a long period so I hope that I will not make the same mistake again!

The chandelier at the Lobby Bar

The Menu of the Lobby Bar

My Nike Sunglasses
 Obviously I was very bored while waiting to be check-in because it was not the check-in time, 12 nn - 1:00 pm, yet so I took photos of the menu, the chandelier, the coaster, the view, the glass of water and even my Nike Sunglasses... We were waiting for a long time and they did not allow outside food to be eaten on the lobby bar and I was hungry, not to mention it was really hot and humid, so I took photos to pass time. I was that bored and hungry (not exactly sure how being hungry is related to me taking these photos exactly. Maybe I was not thinking right due to hunger?! *Laughs*). I must clarify this They ONLY do not allow you to eat outside food in the Lobby Bar, you can eat them in your room if you want! *Smiles*

The other parts of the big Lobby (This is not all of the Lobby! I was interested mostly to the somewhat like "ballroom" they had. I think it really is a ballroom... Not quite sure. *Laughs*):

Another Beautiful Chandelier located in their Staircase

The "Ballroom" Like (if you remove the chairs):

Aha. It is a ballroom... The Picture says it all. *Laughs*

The View in the Lobby (I took the photos from the windows of the Lobby):

I only took two photos because I was having a hard time due to the really bright sunlight. It was a very sunny, hot and humid day!

The Cheon San Restaurant (Chinese Restaurant):

That's my brother's left hand and arm

Photo taken again without my brother's left hand and arm

I apologize for the picture.
I edited it to become brighter so I lowered the highlight and shadow, and made it more brighter and contrasting because the photo was dark.

I took photos of the tea and Kimchi but I do not want to post them. I have my reasons... My target is mostly to show the designs, decorations and the view of the hotel. I must say the food in this restaurant is super delicious, another reason why I do not want to post the pictures. It makes me hungry looking at it and makes me feel guilty for not taking a picture of all the served food. Maybe next time we go on a trip, I will take a photo of all the serve dishes.

On the way to our Hotel Room:

My sister was taking a photo of the place and would not leave. *Laughs*

On the way to the restaurant and on the way back to my grandmother's hotel room (My grandmother had her own hotel room so that she can relax and rest more, which she did!):

Nice chairs! I would sit and stay around but the weather is just too hot!


Wider focus!

Same chairs as above just different angle


I really enjoyed my stay in Imperial Palace. My family and I travel a lot and stayed in many hotels but so far this has impressed me the most but then again it is a new hotel. I hope that they can continue to maintain the the facility. The reason that I was impressed by this hotel is because of the tidiness, neatness and beautiful surroundings and facilities (the pool even has their emblem engraved on the pool floor). I really hope that the employees manage to maintain and take care of the facilities.

Mostly this blog posts was about my stay that I forgot about the Manuscript Editing on the Title. *Laughs* Wow! Just like the time I stayed in the hotel, I constantly thought about editing my manuscript for my Creative Writing in Fiction class so I brought a laptop with me and a broadband to do my manuscript and send it to my classmate/friend to proofread but I constantly let it pass until I thought to myself how important it is for me to finish it and send it to my friend for proofreading because we need to submit it on Tuesday and Monday is to finalize and finish proofreading so for April 6-7, I did my manuscript! As a Literature Major, I cannot enjoy my vacation to the fullest... *Sigh*

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