Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3rd Day Outfit of the Day: Taiwan

I went to Taiwan last December 22-29, 2014. It was a lot of fun since I have been so stressed on December 2013 and last year due to my Thesis. Finally! I officially graduated last year on June 14, 2014. However, I would like to apologize about the lack of update on any of my blogs even after I graduated.... Looking for a full-time job is not as easy as you think (especially as a Literature major where people tend to limit this course to reading, writing, editing, teaching and the like. I am aware my course can do business as well such as marketing). Anyways, I have yet to finish editing the video for Sharm's Notes so for now, my outfits when I travel abroad.

I have not travel outside of the country for a long time now so I am extremely happy that I got to travel abroad. How I miss Taiwan! Our first four days we were at Tai Chung then the next four days we went to Taiwan. This is when we were at Tai Chung.

By the way, I was not able to take a photo of my second day outfit due to the fact that it sort of resembles the outfit I wore later on my trip. I also have yet to upload my first day outfit on my Instagram (@xoxosharm24)... I'll be uploading it soon. As for my outfit for the rest of the trip, I have already uploaded it on my Instagram (@xoxosharm24).

Top: ZARA (I think... not so sure. Sorry! But I do think it is ZARA)
Pants: Apple Jeans (It's from Korea I think. I got it from my mom)
Shoes: Skechers (not seen on the photo)
Bag: Elle (In front of the backpack)
Backpack: Outdoor Products (At the background)

I only took one photo for each day so sorry for the limited photo. I was at the hotel when I took this photo thus I was not wearing my shoes... My shoes all throughout the trip is my Skechers rubber shoes. You will see it when I post my first day outfit in Taiwan. Also, I know I have already posted a photo of it on my Instagram and here on the blog... Check my "Some Shoes on My Instagram" post. It is the third photo on that post though I am still posting it here:

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