Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2 Pieces or 1

Dress: ???; Watch: Citizen; Bangle/Bracelet: Celine (CLN)
I want to clarify something... The Celine Bangle I am wearing here is different from the French Luxury Brand Céline. The Celine brand I am talking about here is based in the Philippines where the logo of the brand is usually the three consonant letters "CLN". 

I like wearing this dress because of the fact that it puts emphasis on my waist than my hips because I do have a small waist but my hips are big. That is why, this dress is perfect for curvy girls that wants to emphasize their waist.

I am sorry that I cannot remember the brand of the dress and I can no longer check the tag because I have given away this gorgeous dress. I do some spring cleaning on my closet once in a while to get rid of old clothes and make room for new clothes that I have bought and will be buying...

Anyways, I still have many photos on my laptop to show you and I better start shooting more outfit photos. Soon, you will know more about the outfit I am wearing in my blog's banner.

¡Hasta Luego!

However, I want to leave you a wonderful Chinese quote from the Taiwanese Television Series, K.O. One, said by Wang Ya Se played by Calvin Chen from the Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit.

In English:
"A perfect romance weakens our intelligence, an imperfect romance hurts our hearts." - Wang Ya Se from K.O. One

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